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I am fairly active and spend quite a bit of time in the gym. I have always known the benefits of curcumin and have taken it for many years. To have it available in a great tasting formula in convenient small stick packs is a bonus! I take it every morning on an empty stomach. Thank you for creating such a great product!

Brian S

As health coach and a fitness trainer I’m all about health. I’m very picky about what I put in my body. When I found out about Curcumin-C I was very happy to try the product and see the results. I’ve been taking it for 2 months now and I feel I have much more energy to coach all my exercises classes. I also recover much faster from my crossfit workouts. And I know that I’m only putting good things into my body and they are actually staying in with Vitasome’s liposomal delivery system. I can’t say enough I’m in love with this product.

Nubia A.

I started taking the Glutasome and the Curcumin-C a month ago and have a noticed a dramatic decrease in my chronic knee pain. I’m bone on bone and was looking at knee replacements, but now the pain is almost gone.

Lee Skoblowc

I have had all sorts of nutritional products sent to  me for over 25 years, since nutraceuticals began to explode in the Sports and High Performance health field.  Today, there are a number of good products, but none surpass Vitasome’s Circumin-C and Glutasome products.  None have helped accomplish what Vitasome has for me: its  Liposomal Delivery ensures the maximum transfer of its first class nutrition into my cells.  Since I have been taking Curcumin-c and Glutasome daily, I am down to my lowest and best weight (217) since 1990, when I led the National Football League in scoring!  I can’t be happier and encourage you to try it for one month. If you don’t feel a distinct sense of greater health, return the product for a full refund!  I am pretty sure you will be thrilled!

Nick Lowery

At first I was unsure of the product because of the stevia because I have never been a stevia fan, but once i blended together the Glutasome and the Curcumin together I couldn’t taste the stevia at all and the burst of energy I got from the product was incredible.

L. Paulsen

I ordered a trial of the Curcumin-C because of the benefits I have been experiencing with Curcumin and Turmeric for many years…and I enjoy it! I decided to also try the Gutasome just because of what it claimed. I will keep ordering both products because something has changed with my skin! Not just my face, but the skin above my knees was showing my true age (50 this year!) and my skin is now supple and firm. In my line of work, Pilates instructor, studio owner, and APP developer- I am looked-to as an expert in new products that help my clients look and FEEL their best…I am glad I found these and will recommend them

Lauren McClerkin

I have been taking Curcumin-C for about two months now. I am 68 years old and before taking the Curcumin-C, I go to the gym at least four times a week and walk at least two miles a day after, I had no energy after the one hour workout. For the last three weeks I have been taking the Glutasome with the Curcumin-C together and have significant more energy and have even lost some weight.

Thank you for helping me feel ten years younger.

Jerry M

I was introduced to Curcumin-C from a friend who has constant energy and works incredibly long hours. This is my second week, and I have noticed my endurance, sleep and digestion have vastly improved. The daily pre-measured dosage with water, on an empty stomach, couldn’t be easier. No scooping, measuring or trying to swallow a handful of supplements anymore.

This is a breakthrough supplement for me!

Kevin Costello

So grateful for these products that I ENJOY taking! They are so delicious in my morning water bottle. After years of on-and-off consumption of curcumin(tumeric), that was recommended by my naturopath for inflammation and immune issues, I can FINALLY take regularly! And the bonus is that I know it is getting in and staying in with this patented delivery! I also take the Glutasome. my skin has never felt so nourished. At 52, I have tried MANY products to stave off aging (or the appearance of)…I know Glutasome is my forever support . Mixing the two products makes sense. Thank you Vitasome!

Katherine M

I am a competitive power lifter. I often experience really bad inflammation in my lower back area. My pain went almost to zero once I started taking the Curcumin-C. I used to take Ibuprofen every day but now I don’t need to. Because of my intense workouts I like to take about 2 doses of Curcumin-C every day. I also noticed that I had increased energy and overall I feel so much better on the product.

Brandon Allen

I’ve had severe psoriasis for 25 years now … a week after I started taking Glutasome my angry red inflamed skin calmed down, and a month later, I don’t shed AT all.

Nina Sabanini

After 2 boxes of Glutasome: Clearer and brighter face, more even and lighter skin tone  and less visible varicose veins plus I sleep better!

Ren Dytuco

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