What are liposomes?

Liposomes are microscopic bubbles that carry active nutrients to our cells in a way that vastly increases bioavailability and nutritional value of vitamins. Since the actives are surrounded by a double-layer of lipids (fats) that closely resemble molecules of human cell membranes, liposomes can be more readily absorbed into our blood stream without triggering an immune response (rejection) by white blood cells and, therefore, eliminating the problem of wasted nutritional value common to most conventional vitamins on the market today.1

Why aren’t all vitamins made using liposome technology?

While liposome technology isn’t new, it is most often used by hospitals in the form of intravenous medicine. Only a handful of liposome products are currently available without a prescription. There are several reasons why liposome supplements aren’t more common. Most liposomes also have a limited shelf-life and must be refrigerated since they are prone to oxidation once exposed to air or liquid, which makes them less convenient for travel. They are more costly to make and difficult to mass produce with the stability needed to prevent degradation caused by digestive acids when taken orally.2

Depending upon ingredients and encapsulation methods used, they can also trigger an immune response (rejection) by white blood cells before the active nutrients can reach the blood stream.

Vitasome® raised the bar in liposome technology.

Vitasome® has refined the science of liposome technology and set higher standards for the vitamin industry with its patented liposome encapsulation methods. Vitasome’s®  entirely new line of liposome supplements provide unprecedented nutritional value that “Gets In” with superior absorption and “Stays In” to deliver vital nutrients to your cells where they’re needed most. Vitasome technology is protected under USPTO Patent #9,585,417.

The Vitasome® Advantage: Superior Bioavailability, Quality & Value

Unlike most vitamin products on the market today, Vitasome®  makes its nutritional supplements in the form of a delicious powdered drink mix using its proprietary liposome encapsulation method. Vitasome’s® nutritional supplements are among the most bioavailable on the market today.

Here’s Why:

Superior Assimilation

Size matters. Our liposomes are nano-sized ≤ 200nm. This means Vitasome liposomes have increased surface area to deliver nutrients to the cellular level where they’re needed.

Superior Absorption

Vitasome® encapsulates liposomes in protective layers made from non-GMO sunflower lipids, which are identical to molecules that comprise human cell membranes. As an added benefit we have incorporated special barrier coatings (concealment technology) that enable the liposomes to evade detection by white blood cells and prevent them from activating the immune response that often prevents ordinary vitamins from entering the blood stream.3

Superior Endurance

When the liposomes are hydrated, their outer membranes of lipids spontaneously create a protective shield to seal in active nutrients, which prevents degradation by digestive acids and extends what is known as a “half life” or the length of time an active ingredient remains potent on a cellular level.

Superior Retention

Vitasome’s® concealment technology also ensures that nutrients not only “get in,” they “stay in” and retain nutritional value for extended release.4

Superior Nutritional Quality

In addition to the added value that comes with superior absorption, endurance and retention, Vitasome® sources only the most pure, non-GMO ingredients and fortifies its liposome pouches with a natural phospholipid (fatty acid) molecule called phosphatidylcholine (PC), which was heralded in Forbes magazine as the “new brainboosting wonder” because it can stimulate growth of brain cells.5

Superior Shelf Life

Vitasome® uses a clean-room environment to spray-dry the liposomes into a water soluble powder to offset “hydrolysis,” a common problem with liquid based liposome supplements that limits a product’s shelf life. Additionally, Vitasome further enhances stability and increases shelf life by packaging the liposome supplements into single-serving sachet packets, which remain sealed and protected until use.

Masterminds of Vitasome’s® Patented Liposome Technology

Vitasome’s®  patented liposome technology was invented by Founder and CEO, Jim Yiannios, who set out to solve the problems of wasted nutritional value and limited bioavailability, which are common to most vitamins on the market today. Vitasome®  products were developed in partnership with a team of renowned doctors and scientists. Vitasome’s®  clinical advisory board has an international footprint and affiliations with board members of the National Institutes of Health. Read more about the company on our about us page.

The Vitasome® Difference:

Vitasome’s® patented liposome technology eliminates most problems that are common to most nutritional supplements on the market today.

Common Problems

Low Absorption Rate

Vitamins are bulky or hard to swallow

Unpleasant odor & aftertaste

Liposome supplements are too expensive

Liposomes can be unstable

Vitamins often waste nutrients & money

Liposomes have a limited shelf life

Ordinary Vitamins

Scientific research shows that your body only absorbs 5-18% of the nutrition obtained from the intake of typical dietary supplements.1

Current trends show that most consumers are tired of swallowing a large number of traditional pills and capsules, which are usually bound by ingredients that are bulky and diminish bioavailability.

This problem, often caused by additives used to encapsulate or bind nutrients, is especially prevalent in powdered vitamins made with drying processes that expose the unpleasant taste and odor of actives.

Producing liposomes with pure, natural ingredients that can withstand digestion and retain potency is cost prohibitive for most vitamin makers.2

Liposomes are difficult to make correctly. Some oxidize before reaching consumers. Others disintegrate in digestive acids or lose potency before they can be absorbed.

According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, an average of between 82 and 90% of nutritional value of most common vitamins is wasted1 — meaning that most nutritional value, and money spent, is literally flushed down the toilet.

Liquid and gel liposome supplements begin to lose potency once opened, and in dry form, pills and capsules begin to oxidize once they are opened and exposed to the air.

The Vitasome® Solution

Vitasome’s® technology allows for nano-sized liposomes that significantly improve absorption rates and bioavailability on the cellular level.

Vitasome® offers the only liposome powder supplement on the market that can mix in water or juice, which makes it easy to drink and facilitates superior bioavailability.

Vitasome® uses all-natural flavoring with no artificial additives and locks nutrients that cause unpleasant odor and aftertaste inside a double layer membrane of lipids. Vitasome® supplements taste great!

Vitasome® has developed a cost effective way to produce stable liposomes that efficiently deliver high nutritional value at an affordable price.

Vitasome® incorporates “Stealth” barrier coatings to ensure its supplements are protected from the moment they enter the digestive system till they reach the cells where they’re needed.

Studies show that white blood cells can prevent absorption of vitamins,3 which is why Vitasome utilizes barriers coatings in addition to all-natural ingredients and bio-identical phospholipids that facilitate absorption on the cellular level.

Vitasome’s liposome supplements are the first offered in a dry powder drink mix. Each single serving is individually sealed in its own sachet packet, which extends shelf life, keeping them fresh until used and convenient for travel.

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