Vitasome® is the answer for the every-day athlete wanting to improve their health and performance, live longer with greater quality of life.

We are always looking for an edge; on top of that, the highest level athletes need something safe that isn’t a performance enhancing drug.   Its also the perfect choice for top level athletes looking for consistent high performance over seemingly endless professional seasons!

Nick Lowery

 — Vitasome® Pro —

Vitasome® Gets In & Stays In.

All of us have been taking so many pharmaceuticals, pills and capsules sitting in our system. Vitasome’s powder-based formula dissolves in your system. That’s the answer. Vitasome is more bioavailable, meaning it gets into your cells faster, and stays in longer.


Nick Mamalis is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently competing in the Flyweight (125 Pound) division. Nick began his professional career over a decade ago and has currently completed in over 40 professional bouts for prestigious organizations including Bellator MMA, Victory Fighting, and Absolute Championship Berkut.

“I am really happy to have added Vitasome’s Curcumin-C to my nutrition regimen. Training in our sport takes a toll on the body and Vitasome® helps get me energized before workouts plus helps keep muscle soreness to a minimum afterward speeding up recovery.”

— Nick Mamalis

“No More Daily Ibuprofen!”

“I am a competitive power lifter. I often experience really bad inflammation in my lower back area. My pain went almost to zero once I started taking the Curcumin-C. I used to take Ibuprofen every day but now I don’t need to.  I also noticed that I had increased energy and overall I feel so much better on the product.”

— Brandon Allen


“The Athlete in all of us craves a life full of enthusiasm, of resilient energy. We long for the robust qualities that we took for granted when we were younger. The ability to spontaneously respond to an unpredictable demand or opportunity – an extra long day, running for the bus — or for a date with our significant other.

Vitasome® helps ensure that dynamic sense of plenty of energy at our fingertips, when life is just beginning to be interesting!

Players today play long, very grueling seasons that wear on the body.  Aging players don’t lose skill, or even strength. They lose stamina. And that can lead to inconsistent sleep, rest and recovery. Vitasome’s product delivery system ensure its nutrients stay in your body consistently day in, day out during (including pre-season) the 180 game baseball season, 100 game basketball season, 100 game hockey season and the pounding of a 20 game football season. Teams that are the strongest at the end win the championship. Why settle for less?”

— Nick Lowery   |

Our Best Product For Athletes


Start your day with a burst of energy!

30 Day Supply


Curcumin-C provides a surge of energy and helps with muscle aches, inflammation, and pain.


Vitasome is committed to ensuring that our patented liposomal dietary supplements comply with standards set by NFS for professional athletes. We will be applying for NFS certification and anticipate that such certification is forthcoming in the near future. In the meanwhile, please inquire with your sports medicine healthcare provider if you are a professional athlete with concerns about adding Vitasome nutritional supplements to your dietary regimen.

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