Liposomes are microscopic spheres that carry nutrients to your cells. What makes Vitasome’s nutritional supplements unique is our method of encapsulating liposomes in essential lipids that allow them to remain potent through digestion and absorption, and easily penetrate our cell membranes.

Vitasome is also the only nutraceutical company to use both natural and PEGylation processes to bind nutrients to the liposomes so that they can replicate with the cells and deliver maximum nutritional benefit where our bodies need it most.

Our patented liposomal delivery system has been tested and formulated to be more effective in aiding nutrient absorption than standard vitamins.


Micro-Sized Liposomes

Micro Nutrients
Big Flavor

Our liposomes are micro-sized, close to 200nm. Vitasome liposomes also have increased surface area which enhances nutrient assimilation.

Delicious all-natural fruit extracts and sweetened with Stevia. Preservative Free – Non GMO – Non Soy

Brain-boosting coating

Brain Boosting Coating

Vitasome liposome pouches are fortified with a minimum 50% of the all natural molecule phosphatidylcholine (PC). Heralded in Forbes magazine as the new brain-boosting wonder, PC is shown to stimulate the growth of new brain cells and connections, and support memory, learning, and cognitive focus.

Stealth layer increases nutrient absorption

Stealth Technology

Our liposomes have an added feature known as a “stealth” layer – an outer layer that keeps phagocytic cells (certain white blood cells that makeup the body’s immune response) from removing the liposomes before they can be absorbed. Studies show that white blood cells can reduce the absorption of vitamins.

Vitasomes provide greater absorption and retention

Greater Absorption and Retention

Vitasome’s nutrient delivery peaks at approximately eight hours of extended release. Our patented formula makes Vitasome vitamins some of the most potent and long-lasting vitamins available today.


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Curcumin-C™Out of stock



Get Energized!

Boost your energy, reduce pain and inflammation, speed workout recovery time, and support your immune system with powerful, all-natural, antioxidant-infused, Curcumin-C™!

Curcumin-C™ is loaded with energy-boosting curcuminoids extracted from an all-natural healing herb known as turmeric. Ideal for workout recovery, immunity support and extra energy to start your day, Curcumin-C™ is the first turmeric supplement using Vitasome’s® patented liposomal delivery to easily dissolve in water without losing its potency. Just add Curcumin-C™ to 8 to 10 ounces of water and shake well to make a delicious tropical pineapple-orange flavored drink.

  • Non-GMO
  • Soy Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Diabetic Safe & Alcohol Free
  • All-natural real fruit flavoring
  • Zero vitamin aftertaste
Glutasome®Out of stock



Get That Healthy Glow!

Help your skin glow from within, with Glutasome®! Made from pure and natural ingredients, Glutasome promotes healthy skin, helps diminish signs of aging, defends against environmental toxins, and more!

Glutasome® unleashes the incredible power of L – Glutathione (GSH) in a naturally delicious, lemon-raspberry drink. Just mix one sachet of Glutasome® with 8 to 10 ounces of water and shake it until dissolved.

Glutasome® is made with pure and natural ingredients promotes healthy skin, helps diminish signs of aging, defends against environmental toxins, amplifies antioxidant activity and supports healthy immune function.

  • Non-GMO
  • Soy Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Diabetic Safe & Alcohol Free
  • Naturally flavored
  • Zero vitamin aftertaste