I have had all sorts of nutritional products sent to  me for over 25 years, since nutraceuticals began to explode in the Sports and High Performance health field.  Today, there are a number of good products, but none surpass Vitasome’s Circumin-C and Glutasome products.  None have helped accomplish what Vitasome has for me: its  Liposomal Delivery ensures the maximum transfer of its first class nutrition into my cells.  Since I have been taking Curcumin-c and Glutasome daily, I am down to my lowest and best weight (217) since 1990, when I led the National Football League in scoring!  I can’t be happier and encourage you to try it for one month. If you don’t feel a distinct sense of greater health, return the product for a full refund!  I am pretty sure you will be thrilled!