Dr. Phillip O’Brien is a highly regarded and respected chiropractic physician who specializes in nutrition and supplementation as a holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. As a Medical Advisor for Vitasome, Dr. O’Brien is uniquely qualified to guide best practices of supplement design by drawing upon decades of practical experience and broad knowledge about the synergistic relationship between science and nutrition as they relate to human health. With prior research and development experience in the biological and pharmaceutical industries, Dr. O’Brien has extensive clinical training in nutritional sciences and numerous achievements in the field of supplement design. He has worked with esteemed physicians, nutritionists and other holistic practitioners in the field of sports medicine including team chiropractors for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New York Jets, and the Lake Placid US Olympic Training for Sports. Dr. O’Brien received the prestigious Pagett Merit Scholar Award while still in medical school, and during his medical residency received The Levittown Center Award for Clinical Excellence, among other accolades received during his career.